Vigo is located in Spanish Galicia, which is an autonomous community, situated in the northwest corner of Spain, very close to the Portuguese border. Holding the official status of a nation, Galicia, just like Cataluña and the Basque Country, has its own culture and language.

In Galicia nearly everyone is bilingual, speaking both Galician and Spanish. Galician people are friendly and outgoing, priding themselves on their Celtic heritage which makes Galicia one of the most fascinating and exotic regions of Spain. Galician culture has a rich composition of seafood dishes, which are among the finest in Europe, and it holds a unique tradition of Gaelic folklore. In addition, Galicia exhibits an incredible vegetation composed of oak, pine tree and eucalyptus forests stretching along its mountainous virgin-coastline, which is the longest in Spain. And, it is the home of one of the world's most famous walks – the Way of St. James.

Lively and dynamic, Vigo is a modern city, famous for the beauty of its bay, which is locally known as Ría de Vigo. Just in front of the bay inlet is the National Park of the Atlantic Islands, also known as Islas Cíes, which has been declared a Heritage of Humanity Site by UNESCO.

The weather in Vigo is pleasant all year long and the bay offers many beaches just minutes away from the city center. Being a costal city, Vigo offers many possibilities for water sports and the mountainous surroundings are perfect for hiking and enjoying the many panoramic views. Vigo also has a very active nightlife with many bars and nightclubs. You will have an unforgettable time, especially if you like dancing to Spanish music!